George D. Abraham has been involved in the transfer of over 450 businesses and his company has performed over 12,000 appraisals in the past 39 years. Two of the appraisals Mr. Abraham was involved in passed the scrutiny of the World Bank. He has performed close to 2,000 appraisals for bank and SBA financing purposes. He has done several appraisals valued over $7 billion. He has owned and operated several types of businesses throughout his career. His company has over 50 trained valuation partners around the country that enable his company to perform appraisal and consulting assignments at competitive rates. His company was the first in the nation to develop and gain national attention for its unique and highly accurate business evaluation software programs that have been marketed to business brokers and appraisers all over the country. At present, the programs are being developed and marketed, under the supervision of Mr. Abraham, by John Wiley and Sons Publishing Company for worldwide distribution.

He is a licensed Real Estate Broker, Accredited in Business Appraisal, Machinery and Equipment Appraiser, Board Certified Business Broker, Certified Business Counselor, and prior instructor for the Continuing Education Real Estate Course in Business Appraisal at the University of Houston. Attorneys, accountants, and other clients retain him regularly for appraisals and consulting, as well as for court testimony as an expert witness, on the local, national and international level. He has previously served two consecutive terms as a board member and panel chairman for the Galveston Central Appraisal Review Board. In September of 2007, he was awarded the Master Certified Business Counselor designation by the Institute of Certified Business Counselors. Also in October 2007 he was presented with the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in Business Appraisal by the Society of Business Analysts and the NEBB Institute.

He is one of the founding charter members and a Past State President of the Texas Association of Business Brokers and served two consecutive terms as State Vice President of Education. In July of 1997, Mr. Abraham was awarded a “Life Membership” from the Board of Directors for his contributions to the association. He has served on the National Board of Directors for the Institute of Certified Business Counselors for the past eight years as Vice President of Education and has served two consecutive terms as the National President (1998 to 2000). He is one of the first to qualify and receive the “Board Certified Broker” designation from the Texas Association of Business Brokers and one of the first to qualify for the “Certified Business Intermediary” designation by the International Business Brokers Association. In the fall of 1994, Mr. Abraham was named a “Fellow” of the International Business Brokers Association by its Board of Directors for his significant contribution to the association and the business intermediary industry.

In addition to valuation of complete businesses, Mr. Abraham also specializes in the valuation of machinery and equipment, business consulting and business enhancement programs and implementation. He is contracted on a regular basis to perform these assignments for other major valuation firms. Mr. Abraham has extensive national and international consulting experience. The work he has performed has labeled Mr. Abraham as a turnaround specialist in privatization and he was listed as one of the top appraisers in 1993 in the Turnarounds & Workouts news publication


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